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From strategic partners to a new global powerhouse, Wavestone and Q_PERIOR are now one company 

 Since December 5, 2023, Q_PERIOR and the leading French-based consulting firm Wavestone have joined forces to build a new global consulting powerhouse. The combination of Wavestone and Q_PERIOR brings together shared values, the capabilities of over 5,500 employees and will offer our talents the opportunity to develop in a multicultural environment. 

Unleashing Your Potential with Q_PERIOR

Q_PERIOR is a best of breed consultancy firm focused on integrating Business and IT. We cover numerous industries with insurance and reinsurance being the key industry for our UK practice.  


Technology and complimentary consultancy partnerships are emerging to supplement our growth, and with the expertise required within ESG, Finance Transformation, Regulatory Compliance, and many other key areas, we have significant growth plans for the UK over the next 3 years.  


The UK team is an inclusive group of like-minded individuals who are happy to welcome you to our growing team.  Join us on our growth journey within the UK and internationally. 


Focus Topics that Engage Us:

Our Benefits

People are at the center of our focus. Our broad benefits package encompasses everything you need for a fulfilling professional life and a balanced lifestyle. Here`s what you can expect:

Pension Contribution

We believe in ensuring the financial health of our employees, not just today but well into the future. That is why we encourage every employee to participate in our pension scheme. In addition, we make a company contribution equivalent to 5% of the employee`s salary. 

Vacation package

We offer 25 days of vacation with an extra day for every 2 years employed up to a maximum of 5 days, as it is equally important for our people to get time away from projects in order to recharge.

Education and Training

At Q_Academy, we provide a rich curriculum of training opportunities spanning over 200 days per year. Our programs touch on diverse topics, from personal development, technical and consulting knowledge, as well as the art of leadership and sales. Moreover, we facilitate an array of certificated courses, including PMX, SCRUM, ITIL, and several others, enhancing your professional skills and qualifications. 


Work-Life-Fun: At Q_PERIOR, networking and celebrating are essential parts of our culture. We regularly host a variety of in-person and remote events that nurture relationships and foster team unity among our members.


Your dedication doesn`t go unnoticed. Our attractive bonus scheme is designed to recognize and reward your contribution to our shared success.

Flexible working models 

We offer flexible working models, designed to accommodate diverse lifestyles and needs.


Q_PERIOR is an international and independent business and IT consultancy.


We assist a diverse range of clients, from well-established corporations to dynamic Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), in their pursuit of digital transformation. Our approach is grounded in a service- and solution-oriented ethos, while our deep industry knowledge and cross-industry expertise enable us to deliver compelling results.


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Who We Are Looking For

We seek individuals who are bridge builders and who embody the qualities of a visionary implementer, capable of forging connections between the present and the future. Whether your strengths lie in a specific industry or subject matter, or you possess a broad skill set, we welcome specialists and generalists alike. Additionally, we extend this invitation not only to seasoned professionals, but also to recent graduates, as we value a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds over specific fields of study.



Our Values

Q_PERIOR is a diverse and inclusive workplace, with team members from over 40 countries working together towards a common goal: delivering superior performance for our valued customers. While our backgrounds may be vastly different, we are all bound by three core corporate values that have remained steadfast throughout Q_PERIOR's history.


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Our Application Process

The Q_PERIOR application process is efficient, swift, yet demanding, and importantly, personal. We strive to present an authentic view of Q_PERIOR while getting to know you – with your unique personality, interests, and strengths.

Online Application

We invite you to submit your application, which should include your CV, references, and any additional relevant documents. We appreciate insights into your motivation for applying, your salary expectations, and potential start date. Please note that with a consulting position, a willingness to travel is expected. 

Video or Telephone Interview

If your application meets our requirements, we will arrange a one-hour video or telephone interview with our specialist department. This will allow us to discuss expectations and answer any questions. 

Job Interview

Upon mutual agreement that our interests align, we move forward to a more in-depth interview involving both the department of interest and HR. At times, a second round may follow. These discussions are designed to facilitate both personal and professional dialogue, allowing us to learn more about each other. Additionally, the process includes a consulting case study relevant to Q_PERIOR, offering further insight into your skills and potential fit within our organization.


If it is a good fit for both our sides, we will proceed to extend a formal job offer. Simultaneously, we encourage you to engage in a casual, confidential conversation with a Q_PERIOR employee from your prospective department. This interaction allows you to gain deeper insights and familiarize yourself with the day-to-day operations of consulting at Q_PERIOR in a relaxed manner.

Creating the journey and being able to tailor and improve that journey with my fellow Q_PERIs is what I enjoy most about my job. I can make a difference not just within Q_PERIOR but also to my clients building enduring friendships whilst doing so.


Associate Partner and General Manager UK

I`ve been at Q_PERIOR for several years now and unlike at some bigger firms I was able to immediately make a visible and lasting impact. I appreciate the flat hierarchies. Being able to talk to everyone from entry level to top management on equal footing makes work enjoyable and efficient.


Associate Partner Staffing Solutions

Q_PERIOR feels like a breath of fresh air. They understand people are their asset, their expertise and knowledge views need to be treated with respect. They provide freedom to express my points and enable my expertise showing added value.


Senior Managing Consultant

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If you haven't found the position you are interested in or if you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact us. We will be delighted to help you.

Alina Sudmann 

Associate Talent Acquisition Partner